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Create a new document

Brett B
posted this on May 23, 2013 04:19 PM

It's easy to create a new document in Lucidchart. You can start from scratch, select a template from our collection, or use Community examples.

From the Documents list

  1. Select the Documents tab after logging in.

  2. Click the 'Create' button and select 'New Document'.

  3. Select a template from the Create New Document window. The category you select from determines which shape libraries appear in your toolbox, and you can always add more in the editor.

  4. Click the 'Start Drawing' button to open the editor.


From the Community

  1. Select the Community tab after logging in.

  2. Browse the Community by category or use the search bar to locate templates.

  3. Click 'Open this Example' to open a read-only view in the editor.

  4. Click 'Use as Template' to open an editable version in the editor.



From inside the editor


  1. Select the File menu when you're in a document. 

  2. When you click 'New', a list of documents



From Google Drive

  1. Select the Create menu in your Google Drive account.

  2. If you've already synced your Lucidchart app with Google Drive (see: Google Drive integration tutorial), then you can simply selected Lucidchart from the Create menu.


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