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Import/export Visio files

Brett B
posted this on May 24, 2013, 4:41 PM

Make the move to diagramming in the cloud, and bring your old files with you. You can now import Microsoft Visio files to Lucidchart with any account and edit them with a Pro or Team subscription. Native Visio files (VSD) and XML Visio files (VDX) are both supported inside Lucidchart and can be exported back out to JPEG, PDF, PNG and even VDX.



 Importing Visio files

To begin importing Visio files:

  1. Go to Documents Page 
  2. Click the gray Import button on the left sidebar
  3. Enter a document and click File > Import Diagram
  4. Select a Microsoft Visio file from your local drive and click 'Import Visio File’ (.vsd, .vdx, or .vsdx)
  5. Once the file has uploaded and converted, it will open in your editor and the file is stored as a Lucidchart file with rest of your documents. If your import failed, please view the troubleshooting section below.
  6. To test importing a Visio file, download this example: Conference_session_map.vsd
    Or this example with spaces: Conference session map.vsd

How do I export documents to Visio?

To export a Lucidchart document in Visio’s VDX format:

  1. Open the Lucidchart document
  2. Select "Download as" from the menu
  3. Choose "Visio (.vdx)" and click Download
  4. Wait for the document to download

Note: When you export a document as a VDX file, the conversion process relies on you opening the file in Microsoft Visio. The VDX file is not designed to be immediately re-imported into Lucidchart. 


Visio export

Problems? You can help!

Since Visio import for Lucidchart is still in beta, it is undergoing continual improvement. We rely on you to let us know what needs to be fixed. Please report any problems and include a copy of your original Visio file. 

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