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Change page settings

Brett B
posted this on May 24, 2013 02:43 PM

This tutorial shows you how to manage page properties and dimensions, give the page a title, and change content size, grid size, orientation, and margins.

Rename page

  1. Click on the page tab to open a dialog and change the page name.


  2. Select 'Rename Page' from the Page tab of the Menu bar.


Add and view all pages

  1. Click "+" at the top right of the properties to add a page to the end of the document or select 'Page' in the Menu bar then 'New Page...' from the drop down menu
  2. Use the arrows left or right to scroll through the pages
  3. Click the down arrow to view the full list of pages

Page settings

  1. Select "Page Settings" under the Page menu to open the Page Settings panel
  2. Open Page Settings panel from the Dock

Page size, margins, orientation

  1. In the Page Settings menu, select the Page Layout tab to choose preferred size, margins, and orientation of document.


  2. Manually resize the page by dragging the arrows at the side or bottom of the canvas. The Page Size width and height will display any changes made with this method as a custom entry.


Snap to grid

The snap to grid feature assists when aligning objects and can be set to work with various sizes of grids. You can also turn off the snap to grid completely so objects can be placed exactly where you would like.


Auto pagination

Auto-pagination is a setting that can be turned on to create new pages automatically when content is dragged off of the existing canvas. The new pages will be an identical size to the original page, making it easy to print diagrams. To enable auto-pagination, open the Page Settings menu, go to the Page Settings tab, and check to box next to "Auto-paginate."


Content size

Page Settings also provides the Content Size feature to easily change how large or small your diagram is in relation to the page size. This makes it more convenient than changing each shape and text box individually, albeit with slightly less precision.



Change Default Page Settings

In addition to the options above, page settings such as default units, toggle on/off grid lines, and the default page size can all be set from the Preferences window. This can be reached by selecting 'Preferences' under the Lucid logo on the top menu bar.




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