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Creating and managing your team

Brett B
posted this on May 24, 2013, 4:33 PM

Read this tutorial to learn how to create and manage a Team.


 Create a Team

  1. To access the Admin Console, you'll need to be the admin of the account or a Team Admin.

  2. If you have not started a team yet, visit our Pricing Page and start a Team trial, or visit your Subscription Level page, and select a team size for purchase.

  3. Once you've started a team, visit the Team page in your account.

  4. Create a name for your team, and your


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Invite/create team members

Team members can be invited, created, or uploaded in batches.

  1. Click 'Invite’ to enter individual email addresses separated by commas. Invitees will receive an email with a link that directs them to either login in with an existing account or create a new account. After logging in or registering, the user will automatically join the team and override any existing account or trial.

  2. Click 'Create’ to add a new user, new group, or multiple users with a .csv file.

  3. Create a new user by filling out the form that appears.

  4. Groups allow you to easily share documents and folders with a specific group of people.



  1. Uploading a .csv file is a great way to import hundreds or thousands of users in a single step.

  2. Users can easily sign in from their Google Apps domain by clicking 'More’ and then 'Lucidchart'. This action creates a Lucidchart account that's linked to your Google email address, which you can always use to sign in.

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Organize into groups

Groups are the best way to organize large teams.

  1. Create a new group and name it.

  2. Drag and drop users into the desired group. The user's profile will no longer appear on the main team page.

  3. To add a user to a group while keeping their profile on the main team page, select the group and click 'Add Users to Group'. This will open a window with a list of all users.

  4. Select or search for the users you want to add. Clicking a name will highlight it, indicating that the user has been added to the group. You can now share files and folders with that group from the Documents page or inside the editor.


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Manage users

The admin and team admin(s) of a Team account can manage the permissions, groups, and information of other team members.




There are 3 main sections: "Actions," "Information," and "Groups." The most commonly used actions come first, followed by information about the user's account and groups. See below for a quick summary of each option:

  • Edit User Information: Prompts a window to change the name, username, email, and password of a user connected to the team.

  • Promote Team Admin: Allows a user to manage the team like an admin, but does not allow payment handling or viewing of payment history. Please contact us if you'd like to change the admin for payment reasons.

  • Promote Billing Admin: Allows a user to update the billing information on the account, manage the subscription, and download invoices via Payment History. However, this user does not have permission to manage team members.

  • Remove From Team: If a team is over-subscribed, users past the team limit will be listed under the 'Revoked Licenses' section. The admin can remove users from the team, or simply revoke and grant licenses.

  • Remove From Group: Removes a user from a group and denies access to any file or folder shared with that group.

  • Delete User Account: Removes a user from Lucidchart and deletes the user's account. If you delete a user from your Team account, you will be given the option to assume ownership of their files. See Deleting user accounts and transferring files for more information.

  • Revoke License: Revokes access to premium features of the Team account. Any documents, folders, images, and custom shape libraries shared with the team will no longer be shared with the selected user. See Granting and Revoking Licenses for more information.

  • Grant License: Gives a user access to the premium features of your Team account. See Granting and Revoking Licenses for more information.


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Granting and Revoking Licenses

Now you can add both licensed and unlicensed (i.e. paid and free) users to your Team account. If you exceed your license limit, new users will automatically be added to your team as unlicensed users. Note: To grant or revoke a license, the user must already be listed on your team. See Invite/create team members for more information.

Licensed Users: Licensed users will display in the top section of the Team Management page on your account. These users are full members of your team with unlimited access to Lucidchart's features.

To grant a license to a user listed in the bottom section of your Team Management page, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the icon of the desired user.

  2. Under the actions panel on the right, click 'Grant License'.



Unlicensed Users: Unlicensed users will display in the bottom section of the Team Management page. These users are still on your team but have the limitations of a Free account. For example, these users are unable to edit documents with more than 60 objects or access certain shape libraries, including mind mapping, iOS mockups, website/UI mockups, and Android mockups.

To revoke a license from a user who is already on your team, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the icon of the desired user.

  2. Under the actions panel on the right, click 'Revoke License'.

Updating license settings: By default, users you invite to join your team will be granted licenses. To change this setting:

  1. Click on the 'Manage Team Settings' button on the right side of the Team page.

  2. Under 'Licensing,' uncheck the box labeled 'Automatically give licenses when users join the team.' Unchecking this box means that new users joining your team will be added as unlicensed users. Unlicensed users have access only to the basic shape library and are also limited to placing less than 60 objects per page. Licensed users, however, have access to our 24+ custom shape libraries, including iOS and Android wire-framing objects.

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Team settings

From the Team settings page, you have the option to set sharing permissions for your team, manage whether or not a user automatically receives a license when they join the team, and set the password requirements.


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Google Apps management page


From the Team page, the right side panel lists several options for integrating with other platforms. If you've integrated with your Google Apps domain, click 'Manage Google Apps' to view further options.

  • Invitations: You can send invitations to any users on your domain who do or do not have Lucidchart accounts. When you send an invitation to join your team, they will receive an email allowing them to create an account or to accept the invitation with their current Lucidchart account. You can also see the status of your invitation and send reminders.

  • Settings: The 'Automatically add new users to the team' option is automatically selected, but you can simply uncheck this box to make sure that users who register from your domain aren't added to your Team Account automatically. When this setting is unchecked, you will have to manually invite them instead. When users are not automatically granted licenses, either because of an exceeded license limit or a setting you can change on the Team settings page, you can choose to receive emails by checking or unchecking the 'Receive email notifications' option.

  • Google Drive Backups: You can set requirements for backups--none, daily, or weekly--for your team members. This will allow a backup file to automatically be download to their account if you so choose.

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 Last Updated: 11/24/2014


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