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Brett B
posted this on May 24, 2013 03:15 PM

This tutorial covers how to add more shape sets from the library where they are organized into different libraries based on their most common use (flowchart, org chart, iPhone, etc).

  1. Click "More Shapes" at the bottom of the toolbox, OR
  2. Select "Shape Libraries" under 'Window' in the menu bar.
  3. To make shape libraries available from the toolbox, check the box next to them and press 'Save'
    • To get more specific, you can click the drop down arrows next to some of the shape libraries and toggle which groups of shapes from that library you would like to have appear in the toolbox.

Note: Certain shape libraries are unavailable to free accounts. Unavailable shape libraries include mind maps, UI mockups, and wireframes.



From the Shape Manager, accessed via "More Shapes," you can also import Visio stencils and SVG files. Simply click the Visio stencil or SVG option at the top of the Shape Manager window, attach the files, and import. These shapes will then appear in the "Custom" section of your shape libraries list, where you can turn them on/off.


Introduction to Commonly Used Shape Libraries

Flowcharts - A flowchart is a diagram that represents a process or algorithm. The steps are represented by a series of boxes or other specialized symbols, and are connected with arrows to illustrate flow. Flowcharts are ideal for use as a visual representation of a step-by-step process, especially when communicating the process to others. Click to enlarge image.



Mockups and Wireframing - Mockups and Wireframes are used to demonstrate the visual design of a website or other UI. For ease of use, Lucidchart’s Mockup shape libraries contain a variety of shapes to aid in replicating iOS and Android layouts and websites. Using Lucidchart’s hotspots and layers, mockups can demonstrate pop-ups, new pages, and a variety of application functions from within the Lucidchart editor. Click to enlarge images.


Org Charts - An organizational chart visually depicts the internal structure of an organization or company. Employees are represented by boxes, with elbowed lines linking the levels together. Org charts are an easy way to show the hierarchies of often complex organizations, and connectivity within the organization. Click to enlarge image.

Mind Maps - Mind maps are diagrams that plot and outline information, attempting to model how humans learn and brainstorm more accurately than a standard outline. Typically, a central idea sits in the center of the map, with associated concepts radiating outward, with related ideas lying on the same branch. Click to enlarge image.


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